Visual Metaphors


Brand, message and tone

Travelers came up with a nice campaign here because it leaves you with a warm feeling of protection.  This is a effective convergence of brand (the umbrella), message (protection) and tone (friendly and warm).


Show...don't tell.

This concept is simple and makes a strong point.  Try watching this with the sound off.  See if you get it!  This is a great test for whether you visuals are working.


Expedia uses building blocks in an interesting way

In this ad, Expedia focuses on a specific demographic (gals that want to get away) and a simple but compelling ad using blocks and imagery to make their point in a simple, direct and elegant way.   What raises the level on this one, is that the images inside the blocks have a magical look to them.  The music and VO are solid as well.



Target AD

Target has the juice.  Their ads rock!  This shows both strong design elements and a stirring soundtrack.  It is worth a look.