Cool Design


Being Green

Okay.  I know most of you have probably seen the Prius ad with honey bees and people flowers.  Yes...that one. Watching this ad was a bit of a guilty was a little corny.  But, I have to take my hat off to Toyota for creating a sense of wonder and magic about the world with Busby Berkeley-style theatrics. This is creatively ambitious, and, more importantly to for them, imbues their brand with a lightness-of-foot (greenness) unequaled by any other automaker.

How did they do it? Next post goes behind the scenes....


Time-lapse tells it's own story

A well done time-lapse sequence can be very effectively used to show dynamics of a location: warehouse, stadium, city street, etc..  This devise can take a huge dose of nature and humanity and compress it into a quick snack.  Highlighted here is wonderful example of artful, time-lapse photography.



3D your heart out!

Amazon has a series of commericials out that caught my attention through the use of whimsical imagination and stop motion animation.  At a time when there are some many jaw-dropping examples of 3D graphics in movies and television, Amazon's campaign stands out to me because it they put more their effort into opening up your imagination (which perhaps literature is supposed to do) with non-threatening technology.  Mental note: go against the tide; audiences will notice.


Compelling use of simple graphics and icons

This video clip is rather long but it has a wonderful style and uses very simple iconic graphics and sound effects with great results.

Japan - The Strange Country (Japanese ver.) from Kenichi on Vimeo.



"Good" use of design in navigation.