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Great Pitch by Wufoo



High tech that looks low tech

State of the art technique often has a way of looking super modern and a little cold.  This ad uses wonderful technique to create a sense of simplicity and warmth even though it is cutting edge.  I thought this was very engaging. Your thougths?



What value is at stake

Every great story turns on a key theme or value, a great brand is an ongoing story that has evolving values.  Recently I have an opportunity to speak with a branding expert at the Siebel Scholars Conference at MIT and we discussed diapers?  Well not exactly...I asked her to site and example of a company to watch with regards to innovative ways to build brand; she suggested Pampers...so I checked it out.   The Pampers site offers a wide variety of helpful hints to parents hungry for information.  New parents eat this stuff up...and Pampers will be know not only as a diaper company but the choice for "smart"parents.  What's the value "family", "health" "love"?  There are enough interpretations here to reach many audiences where the live.  See for yourself!




Scripted or unscripted?

Coke recently posted this great video segment which uses hidden cameras to capture a moment of magic: young kids (in a dorm..I think) experiencing a windfall of drinks and snacks.  This is a clever approach which positions Coke as playful and in tune with the culture.  These kids where having fun with their product...and they got it on film.  That's gold baby.......pure gold!  Have a look and let me know what you think.