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Limelight is on the move...

Hey storytellers....I think Limelight is an interesting company to watch in that they are on the forefront of new media distribution.  The developments in this industry will likely shift the way we tell business stories.  There will be an increasing need to be able to measure a stories ability to stimulate interactivity.  Read more here.





The Power of Viral Video - Old Spice?

Every company would love to have the success that Old Spice is having right now. They have taken a stogy old brand of cologne, that my dad wore 40 years ago, and created a bona fide internet sensation (nearly 10 million views).  This last week Old Spice had four spots in the top 10 "brand-driven ad campaigns".  How do you create a winner like this?  No idea. How do you create a band like "The Beatles"?  There is a lot to be said for timing.  

However, the agencies choice to interact with it's internet audience by having the character respond to emails on camera is sheer brilliance.  It will be interesting to see how this unlikley popularity converts to units sold.  I will post as soon as I get the data....for time being, enjoy the antics of this great character.



Using Sound FX's

I am a big fan of sound effects.  Adding a few placed doorslams, swishes and booms adds punctuation to your visual story that can't always be done with a visual.  Here is a great example of campaign where the sound effect seem to be driving the story forward.  I would love to know what you think.


Designing a customer story


Turn one video story into a media package

Creating a compelling customer story with solid production value can be a sizeable investment. Squeeze more value from your investment by creating a subset of media clips from the main story.  If your main story is ~3.5 minutes and is made up of 2-3 sections, you can recut individual sections around a key topic (:60) and create smaller clips (:30) that validate one feature or benefit.  This "slicing and dicing" of material will allow those using the material to zero in on what they need for a the web, tradeshows, sales presentation or live event.

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